The Virginia Recordings

Each track was played in real-time by the artist in a single take using a MIDI organ console, including registration changes, and with Hauptwerk producing sound in real-time. However, since we wanted to adjust the reverberation added later, the MIDI output from the console was simultaneously recorded into MIDI files, one per track, using a MIDI sequencer. The audio tracks you hear were then recorded by later playing back the MIDI files using a MIDI sequencer controlling Hauptwerk. In each case the audio output from Hauptwerk was recorded in real-time in a single take (no multi-tracking).

Hauptwerk was configured to produce multi-channel audio output of sixteen stereo output channels. Our recommended method of amplifying 'dry' instruments such as this is to use a multi-channel audio system in a reverberant room, or with additional reverberation. We therefore made the main demos to simulate such a multi-channel amplification system by applying a separate impulse response (room acoustic 'fingerprint') to each of the sixteen stereo outputs, then mixing them all down to the stereo recording you hear.