1680 St. Peter and Paul Schnitger

1680 St. Peter and Paul Schnitger

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Located in Cappel, Germany this Schnitger is considered by experts, musicologists and organists alike, to be the most well preserved and best sounding Arp Schnitger organ in the world today.

Built in the North German style, the organ is ideal for playing larger baroque works, including those of Bach, Lubeck and Buxtehude as well as works from the Renaissance period.

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"The Cappel Schnitger instrument is fabulous – thank you."

Dr. Matthew Suttor, Associate Professor & Director, Laurie Beechman Center for Theatrical Sound Design & Music, Yale School of Drama


Listen to the details.

  • Includes over 1300 audio samples.
  • 24-bit 48 kHz HD stereo audio resolution.
  • Original church acoustics up to 2 seconds.
  • Accurately reproduced mechanical noises.
  • Original tuning with alternate temperament & tuning options.
  • Includes original Zimbelstern samples.
  • Compatible with AU & VST hosts.
  • Up to 8 seamless loops per note.
  • Authentic mechanical coupling.
  • Added combination & capture system.
  • Photo-realistic console displays.
  • Fully modeled wind system.





  • Tuning: A=465 Equal Temperament.
  • Keyboard compass: 47 notes short compass CDE-c3 (extended to 49).
  • Pedal compass: 25 notes (extended to 27).
  • Tracker action.

30 Stops


Quintadena 16
Principal 8
Hollfloit 8
Octava 4
Spitzfloit 4
Nasat 3
Gemshorn 2
Mixtur V-VI
Trompet 8

Rück Positiv

Gedact 8
Quintadena 8
Principal 4
Sesquialtera II
Floit 4
Octava 2
Tertian II
Siffloit 1 1/2
Scharf IV-VI
Dulcian 16


Untersatz 16
Octava 8
Octava 4
Nachthorn 2
Mixtur IV-VI
Rauschfpeife II
Posaun 16
Trompet 8
Cornet 2

Virtual Performances

These virtual performances were played live by the artist using the Hauptwerk built-in audio recorder.

Virtual Console

The Schnitger virtual instrument features interactive on-screen graphical controls. Animated stops, couplers, keyboards, and pedals are all accessible via MIDI input or by touch screen.

Console displays include:

  • Console  - The original console with all controls.
  • Stop Controls - All controls on a single page for using with a single monitor.
  • Bellows - Watch the wind system working in real time.




There are currently no downloads or updates available for this instrument.










  • Mac OS X® or Windows®.
  • Hauptwerk Advanced or Basic Edition.
  • Intel® Core™ (quad-core or dual quad-core or equivalent).
  • 2-4 GB RAM.
  • Core Audio (Mac), ASIO or Direct Sound (Windows) audio interface.
  • MIDI keyboards & MIDI interface for live playing.
  • AU or VST compatible host for MIDI sequencing (not required).


Bit Rate Lossless Compression Multiple Loops Memory (RAM)
16 Y N 924 MB
16 (Default) Y Y 1.40 GB
20 Y Y 2.00 GB
24 Y Y 2.55 GB
24 N Y 3.80 GB


  • Internet connection required for license update.
  • Hauptwerk USB key required (not included).
  • License updates are issued via email.
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